Student Fashion Trends - Fall 2020

We all know that colleges and other educational institutions are temples of science, not a fashion show. Besides, many people do not care how you are dressed, because they came to study, and not compete with you in keeping up with trends. However, a stylish outfit will add confidence and make you feel comfortable with friends. Let's dive into wardrobe essentials for college in fall 2020.

What to Wear to a College Class

You can wear a high-waisted blue skirt and a white crop top with a matching cami. Add sneakers and a light white embellishment in white—the main goal when following college trends is pleasant pastel colors and the absence of vulgar wardrobe elements. Your task is to look bright, but natural and without defiant accents. You can also use sweatshirts, hoodies, and other items combined with jumpers and shirts. It is best if the skirt is slightly shorter than the knee. This will add some sophistication to your silhouette.

Trendy Footwear

This is a more challenging aspect when choosing a fashionable wardrobe in 2020. Sneakers, classic Birkenstocks, short booties, and backless loafers are trending now. However, it's up to you to decide what to wear for college. The main task is to combine your clothes, shoes, and accessories harmoniously. The main rule is never to choose shoes to match your bag or backpack. It will look gross.

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When it gets colder outside, you can buy fall jackets or coats. Gray, blue, and burgundy are the most popular colors this season. This will highlight your figure and complement any wardrobe. Natural materials are especially popular now, so you should pay attention to them first.

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The final chord is accessories. Do not forget that jewelry, chains, rings, and brooches should emphasize the image. You can choose them to match the main clothes or make bright accents on a specific part of the body. There are tons of inexpensive accessories that will help you to finish your look and make it stylish.

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